About: Pickard-Design

pickard-design is a multidisciplinary studio blurring the boundaries between design, art, technology, and the built environment. The studio was founded by Brian Pickard in 2005, establishing a framework for independent and commissioned projects and an outlet for design research and creative exploration.

We provide an array of services for a variety of clients and project types, regularly working in collaboration with various artists, architects, designers, engineers, and planners. Our work spans the realms of concept development, design production, custom furnishings, product design, graphic design and branding, project management, and consulting.

We believe in a concept and process driven approach to all of our work – exploring the place and use of objects, systems, and environments in contemporary culture over the pursuit of an aesthetic agenda or adherence to preconceived norms or typologies. Through our rigorous design process we are able to provide our clients with exceptionally high quality products and services. We set out to approach every challenge with a variety of environmentally and socially responsible solutions that are not only functional, cost effective, and timely, but original, innovative, and visionary.

For more information please contact us at info@pickard-design.com.